How London bikes are being pimped with Blaze


London bikes get a bright new makeover with the brilliant Blaze Laserlight

As the clocks go back and the evenings get darker, London’s Santander Cycles (formerly known as Boris Bikes) are getting pimped with the brilliant Blaze Laserlight, which projects the image of a bike onto the roadway six metres in front of the rider.

The Laserlight was developed by Emily Brooke, the founder of Blaze. Like the iPhone and Tangle Teaser, it's up there as a truly modern marvel that you can’t believe hasn’t been invented before.

The clever part comes from the combination of white light and a laser image, which beams out to blind spots where you’re otherwise unseen.

By projecting the image of a bike ahead of the rider, the Laserlight tackles the biggest risk to urban cyclists – vehicles turning in front of their path when travelling straight ahead – which is the cause of 79% of cycling accidents.

To promote the roll-out on London’s bikes, Santander teamed up with Jess Ennis-Hill, who took a spin on one of the pimped-up rides during rush-hour. “I loved it,” she says. “The only bike I’ve been allowed to go near for years is a stationary Wattbike, so it’s great to pedal about London’s streets.”

If you want a piece of the Laserlight action for your own bike, the consumer version is £125 from the Blaze website. 

Here, Emily explains the science bit of how it makes cyclists safer.


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