6 toe-saving overshoe nominations


To keep those toes toastie as the temperatures plummet, you need some overshoes in your life. Here’s what a few of our favourite folk are rocking and recommending…

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Who: Rose McGovern, the Transcontinental Race finisher who’s off to ride around the world in January

Overshoes of choice: SealSkinz Neoprene Halo Overshoes, £41

Why they rock: In addition to being made of neoprene, which means they keep you super dry and relatively warm, these Halo bad boys have a genius LED flashing light at the back. They do need re-waterprooofing, but even in their diminished waterproof capacity they are really good at protecting my feet.

The last time they saved my bacon: They pretty much changed my life in Bosnia during the Transcontinental Race.

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Who: Beth Hodge: Cyclo Cross racer, Club Secretary and Casquette consulting editor

Overshoes of choice: Rapha Overshoes, pink, £55

Why they rock: The pink pop is perfect for dull winter days and dark nights, with reflective detailing and a great fit to keep the worst of the weather out. The neoprene material means that they do get wet eventually, but your feet will be toasty warm inside. They also wash up really well, so after a long day through the muddy lanes they’ll scrub up and look like new again. 

The last time they saved my bacon: Cycling over the Brecon Beacons on New Year's eve when the rain was horizontal and the sheep had no mercy!

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Who: Elizabeth Elliott, cycling journalist for Cycling Plus and Bike Radar. Woman who doesn’t mince her words

Overshoes of choice: dhb Neoprene Nylon Overshoe, £20

Why they rock: They keep out the cold, the rain and the wind. And all for just £20, which is amazing.

The last time they saved my bacon: Every time I ride in the cold, the rain and the wind.

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Who: Holly Seear, cycle coach, endurance athlete, Fit Bit 50 entrant and Casquette training section editor

Overshoes of choice: Rapha reflective oversocks, £25

Why they rock: I know the hi-viz pink Rapha oversocks are extravagant for what basically amounts to a pair of socks, but these are socks with attitude. Super reflective (thanks to reflective reflex nylon) and super pink, they seem fairly robust so far and they’re easy to get on to the shoe. Perfect for chilly days, but I’d go neoprene when the going gets wet.

The last time they saved my bacon: Being sooooooo bright, I’m pretty sure they have saved my bacon many times when drivers get too close! 

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Who: Nikki Le Broq, rides with Queen of The Mountains

Overshoes of choice: Le Col Neoprene Overshoes, £60

Why they rock: My absolute faves are these lovely Le Cols. They not only look super stylish, but they’re top for breathability and fit. Plus, they’re windproof and waterproof. Win!

The last time they saved my bacon: On a seriously chilly and damp endurance ride to Seale. 

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