6 finger-hugging winter glove recommendations


Who better to recommend your winter gloves than the ladies out there braving the extremes? Here are some finger-lovin-good recommendations from a few of our favourite folk...

Who: Libby Gordon, Dulwich Paragons Cycle Club. Also known as Little Smiler

Gloves of choice: Seal Skinz - Women's Winter Cycle Gloves, £9

Why they rock: What's not to like? They keep the water out, they keep the heat in and I can still use my fingers (with lots of other gloves, they are so bulky that they render your digits useless). Plus, I like seals (totally irrelevant).

The last time they saved your bacon:  I don't have large fat stores, so when I get cold, I get COLD! Because of this I've had to get pretty good at staying warm and these gems help. I pretty much wear them on all my long winter rides. But probably the time I most valued them was on a 200km audux which takes place in mid Jan. It snowed, it averaged zero degrees... but my hands stayed warm!

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Who: Adele Mitchell, cycling, beauty and fashion editor

Gloves of choice: Specialized Deflect Long Finger Cycling Gloves, £35

Why they rock: In the winter it’s really tempting to reach for the thickest gloves you can get your hands on. But if your hands get too hot once you start pedalling hard, then you can be as uncomfortable as you would be if your hands were too cold.

My mid-weight gloves usually strike a balance by preventing my fingers from being either too cold for descending or too warm for climbing. They are lightly padded on the palm and have a cuff – essential for keeping draughts out. I have owned this particular pair for several years and worn them a lot, yet they’re showing very little wear, so they're excellent value for money. They are easy to wash and quick drying - especially when compared to thicker gloves. 

The last time they saved your bacon: Yesterday! I wear them several times a week at this time of year!

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Who: Emily Chappell, TCR winner, Adventure Syndicate Director

Gloves of choice: Dogwood Designs Winter Pogies, $120

Why they rock: They're a nice warm cosy pouch around each end of your bars, and you can store snacks and spare gloves in them, as well as your precious hands.

The last time they saved your bacon: When I was cycling from Anchorage to Seattle in winter through temperatures as low as -40C. I didn't lose a single digit (just a bit of an ear).

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Who: Ulli Harding, Director Edinburgh Festival of Cycling., co-organiser Edinburgh Belles on Bikes (and scientist by day)

Gloves of choice: Endura II Deluge, £49.99

Why they rock: These are designed in Scotland for Scottish winters and it shows. They have been water and windproof for more than a full winter's commuting so far, with toasty and dry hands every time, good grip and palm padding in just the right places. 

The last time they saved your bacon: I used to get cold hands all the time (ouch!), but no more! Sleet, snow and blizzards feature regularly on my commutes into the wilds of Midlothian. My colleagues think I'm mad to enjoy these rides, but with the right gear there is no bad weather.  

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Who: Ria Osborne, Food porn photographer

Gloves of choice: SealSkinz Ultra Grip, £37

Why they rock: After extensive glove Googling, I finally settled on the SealSkinz Ultra Grip. On first look, my sartorial self was happy with the simple styling and look and feel. They feel really comfortable on, with the stretch material meaning you can move your fingers without the constriction you get from some styles. The extra long cuff is also a nice touch, meaning extra protection should your jacket ride up; and the grip design on the palms looks good and does the business.

The last time they saved your bacon: When the torrential rains beat down on Southern England, I happened to be traversing the quiet country roads of Essex. For two solid, damp hours, I kept on motoring and, despite my will starting to fail me, the SealSkinz stood up to the battering. If you like the science behind this stuff, that's thanks to SealSkinz's apparently Aqua Dynamic Design, which uses a hydrophilic membrane to block water from getting through. Regardless of the jargon, it works. These are great for the wet, Autumn rides or short commutes.

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Who: Holly Seear, cycle coach, endurance athlete, Fit Bit 50 entrant and Casquette training section editor

Gloves of choice: Icebreaker Oasis Glove Liner, £18.75

Why they rock: Ok. These aren’t strictly a winter glove, but I LOVE them. Made from super-soft Merino wool plus a bit of Lycra to ensure a great fit, these glove liners are a winter essential. They are perfect under any glove as an extra warm, wicking (drawing sweat away from the skin, so you don’t get horrid wet and cold hands) liner. I actually love them so much that I even wear them off the bike as a lightweight glove.

The last time they saved your bacon: They totally save your bacon and particularly if you get a puncture or other issue. It means you can take off your gloves and sort out the problem without your hands freezing.

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