Long-term love review: Liv Envie Advanced 1

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The relationship you have with your bike is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Here, Sophie Lambert shares the reasons why her Liv Envie Advanced 1 rocks

Sophie Lambert, Engineer, London
Liv Envie Advanced 1
Nickname: Buzz l’éclair (French for “Buzz lightyear”)
From: Giant London Docklands, 

1) The fit and look
This bike is designed specifically for female riders. It’s super comfortable to ride and feels like it’s been made just for me. It’s also a very sexy bike and was definitely love at first sight.

2) Shared adventures
Since I got this bike early this summer, we’ve gone on some amazing adventures together. There was my first crit race this year, where I came a respectable 4th place; Etape London, where I felt like a pro going through the cheering crowd in Twickenham. And the Dunwich Dynamo, where I rode 200km at night, followed by a swim in the sea at dawn.

3) Value for money
A Shimano Ultegra groupset on a bike below £2,000 is a rarity. Combined with a compact chainset and close ratio cassette it offers silky smooth shifting.

In plain English, this is my biggest ever investment in a bike, but you really do notice the difference, and particularly in how brilliantly smooth everything is when changing gears. It feels awesome!

4) Forking good
I’m getting geeky now, but the stiff geometry and additional aerodynamic features make it the ideal racing machine. I particularly love the AeroSystem Shaping technology, which means the frame is moulded to curve around the wheels for extra pace. It’s a small detail, but it looks oh-so cool.

5) Devil in the detail
Ok. I’m getting really bike geeky now, but… the front brake is mounted behind the fork crow and the rear behind the seatstays. Both of which help to shield them from the wind to make Buzz even more aerodynamic. Fist pump!

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