Audio peach: The truth about saddlesore!


In our pro panel at the London Bike Show, we talk candidly about what saddlesore is and how you can deal with it. Check out that audio enlightenment below…

If you love cycling, the chances are that you’ve had to deal with the issue of saddlesore at one point in your cycling career. And for many, it’s an ongoing issue.

To get to the core of saddlesore, we invited an esteemed panel of experts to talk openly about the in’s and out’s of your downstairs parts on the Casquette LIVE! stage.

Fascinating, funny, enlightening and expert, in this excellent audio peach you’ll hear from Maria Olsen (Rapha chamois designer); Doctor Jane Sterling (consultant dermatologist at a vulval clinic practice); Jasmijn Muller (endurance cyclist and saddle sore sufferer) and Jenni Gwiadowski (Saddle Library curator and founder of the London Bike Kitchen). You are welcome!

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Danielle Welton