Six of the best saddles for women


Emily Chappell rounds up the saddles packing in a little extra...

Infinity N-Series Seat

It might look like a thing from outer space, but this super-lightweight saddle takes the pressure off your sit bones and pubic area. It has taken the endurance world by storm as a result.  $170

Fabric Line

The Line features a central relief channel to reduce pressure and avoid chafing your sensitive bits. It’s available in two widths and you have the option to upgrade to titanium or carbon rails. £49.99

Specialized Power Pro

Conceived for riders who prefer a more aggressive position, the short-nosed Power Pro comes in three different widths and has been designed with blood flow and pressure mapping in mind. £175

Brooks Cambium C17 Carved

After producing excellent leather saddles for over a century, Brooks has finally catered to the vegan market with this rubber/canvas model, which features a cut-out to reduce pressure on the pubic area. £120

Selle Royal TA+TOO

We think this might be the world’s first customisable saddle, with a removable top layer to safeguard from bad weather, theft and vandalism, and an almost infinite choice of colours and designs. €79.90

Charge Ladle

Based on the design of the popular Charge Spoon, the Ladle features a slightly wider geometry, plus a groove for pressure relief. Possibly more suited to innies than outies £24.99

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