Casquette Live - Saturday 30th March programme


Featuring one of the UK’s most-loved cyclo-cross champions, the WHOLE TRUTH about saddle sore, amazing core conditioning classes and much more, the Casquette Live programme on Saturday 30th March is not to be missed…

Casquette has teamed up with the London Bike Show to create an incredible new show-within-show concept called ‘Casquette Live’ – all in partnership with VeloVixen, the home of women’s cycling kit. This means that if you buy a Casquette Live ticket, you get entry to the London Bike and Triathlon Show, plus your Casquette Live ticket will give you access to loads of great women’s-specific-cycling goodness. 

That means amazing interviews and Q&As with your favourite track, road, cyclo-cross and endurance heroes; talks and tutorials to help you get more from your cycling, plus our amazing saddle library (in association with London Bike Kitchen), featuring all the saddles you could possibly shake a bottom at – and the chance to test drive them. 

As an added treat, all Casquette Live ticket holders will get a FREE 52 page Motivational Manual, which features the inspirational women, bucket list rides and game-changing resolutions you need to know about!

Here’s what’s happening on the Saturday 30th March

Masterclass: Core Blimey - Why a strong core can make you a better cyclist
10:30 - 11:15


Having a strong core can make it easier for you to hill-climb and sprint. But many of us neglect our stomach muscles in favour of a few extra hours on the bike. In this practical session, Jo McRae, author of ‘Ride Strong: Essential Conditioning for Cyclists’ tells us why a strong core can revolutionise your cycling, then shares some practical exercises for toughening those gut muscles. We’ll provide the Swiss balls, you just need a have-a-go mentality!

Our expert in residence: Jo McRae, author of ‘Ride Strong: Essential Conditioning for Cyclists

Masterclass: Cyclo-cross supremo Helen Wyman, on essential cross skills
11:30 - 12:15


Cyclo-cross heroine, Empress of the Koppenberg and unflagging advocate for women’s cycling, Helen Wyman, tells us why cross really is boss. Sharing some essential cross skills through practical demonstrations and a dollop of audience participation. 

Our expert in residence: Helen Wyman, World Champion cyclo-cross rider and coach.

Masterclass: How to beat imposter syndrome both on and off the bike
12:30 - 13:15


Does fear stop you taking on new events or challenges? You’re not alone. Lots of us suffer from nagging doubts or imposter syndrome, but the reality is that it’s your mind rather than your ability that’s holding you back. In this practical confidence class, Josephine Perry, super sports psychologist, shows us how to reframe the way we think to achieve success both on and off the bike.

Our expert in residence: Dr Josephine Perry, chartered sports psychologist

Pro panel: The truth about saddle sore
13:30 - 14:15


Want to know what's really behind saddle sore? Well, it’s probably a clit or labia thing, but no one seems comfortable saying it out loud. Until now. We bring Maria Olsen (Rapha chamois designer); Doctor Jane Sterling (consultant dermatologist at a vulval clinic practice); Jasmijn Muller (endurance cyclist and saddle sore sufferer) and Jenni Gwiadowski (Saddle Library curator and founder of the London Bike Kitchen) together to talk candidly about saddle sore - what it is and how you can deal with it.

Expert panellists: Maria Olsen, Doctor Jane Sterling, Jasmijn Muller and Jenni Gwiadowski.

Pro panel: Riding out depression
14:30 - 15:15


Any cyclist knows that riding a bike has the ability to make us feel better, think better, work better, and get on better with the people who share our lives. But, what’s the science behind it all? And how can we structure our cycling so that it doesn’t go too far? Our pro panel discuss how cycling can be as effective as prozac – and, like any drug, how you can take it to extremes.

Our expert panellists: Molly Weaver (former pro Road Captain for Trek-Drops and cycling commentator); Josephine Perry (sports psychologist); Sarah Strong (cyclist and mental health charity worker)

Pro panel: 100 women in cycling - 100 women like you, with Anna Glowinski and Cycling UK
15:30 - 16:15

WfoC web header.jpg

Every year, Cycling UK profile ‘100 Women in Cycling’ who inspire others to take up the activity, but may not be well known by the world at large. Here, Anna Glowinski chats with a selection of those women to find out more about what they do, why it’s important to women’s cycling and why every woman cyclist out there is just as important.

Our expert in residence: Anna Glowinski, cycling commentator, presenter and designer.

Q&A: The Wyman files on the Main Stage
16:15 - 17:00


Helen Wyman, the Queen of Cyclo-cross and Mud gets a gentle grilling from commentator Rebecca Charlton about her career highs and lows, the Helen 100, puppy love, long-term love and much more. Followed by questions from our audience.

Our expert in residence: Helen Wyman, super cyclo-cross hero.

Tickets are £16 for a single ticket. If you want to come with your Club mates, book 4 and get 2 free. If you want to bring your partner along for the ride, it’s 2 for £22.
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Big thanks to our headline sponsor, VeloVixen - the home of women’s cycling kit

Please note: This is the programme as we know it right now, but could be subject to changes based on punctures, pannier-loading laws and drafting politics

Danielle Welton