Casquette Live - Sunday 31st March programme


If you love legends, you’ll love our Casquette Live programme on Sunday 31st March

Casquette has teamed up with the London Bike Show to create an incredible new show-within-show concept called ‘Casquette Live’, which showcases the very best in women’s cycling – all in partnership with VeloVixen, the home of women’s cycling kit.

That means that if you buy a Casquette Live ticket, you’ll get entry to the London Bike and Triathlon Show, plus your Casquette Live ticket will give you access to loads of great women’s-specific-Casquette-cycling goodness, including our amazing Saddle Library (in association with the London Bike Kitchen), featuring all the saddles you could possibly shake a bottom at – and the chance to test drive some. 

As an added treat, all Casquette Live ticket holders will get a FREE 52 page Motivational Manual, which features inspirational women, bucket list rides and game-changing resolutions you need to know about! Here’s what’s happening on the Sunday 31st March

Masterclass: The NLTCBMBC track stand workshop
10:15 - 10:55


Ever wanted to nail that super-cool track stand manoeuvre at the traffic lights? Then London-based crit team, the NLTCBMBC (North London Thunder Cat Black Metal Bicycle Club), will show you how in this practical workshop, which transforms this complicated bike voodoo into something we can all do.

Our expert in residence: Jo Smith, Lina Bivainyte, Kristina Matovic, Caroline Cunningham and Jess Morgan from NLTCBMBC (North London ThunderCats Black Metal Bicycle Club). Having raced fixed-gear criteriums like the Red Hook Crit, Rad Race and ThunderCrit, as well as having experience in track cycling, who better to run a track stand masterclass than these legends?

Masterclass: Family Cycling 101
11:00 - 11:40


Going from lone ranger to Pied Piper is a shock to the system, but there are tricks to make it work for you, as Karen Gee, founder of family cycling website, Cycle Sprog, reveals all. In this practical talk, she will share the secret to keeping up your cycling as your family grows. That means the reality, the rig, the essentials, the very real anecdotes and the importance of potatoes. Seriously.

Our expert in residence: Karen Gee, founder of family cycling website, Cycle Sprog

Wheel Suckers Podcast LIVE
11:45 - 12:30


With their unique brand of humour and banter, the ladies behind the Wheel Suckers podcast have asked the questions many dare not ask and highlighted the lesser-known heroes of women’s cycling. Here, they chat to Casquette founder Danielle Welton, Casquette Live host, Rebecca Charlton, and former pro-turned-designer-and-all-round bad-ass Iris slappendel about the highs, lows, surprises, thrills and spills of their first Casquette Live. Warning! There is a very real risk they’ll be drinking gin while they’re at it.

Our expert panellists: Alex Davis, Wheel Suckers Podcast captain and marketing director at Look mum no hands!); Jenni Gwiadowski (Wheel Suckers Podcast stoker and founder of London Bike Kitchen); Danielle Welton (co-founder of women’s cycling media brand, Casquette); Rebecca Charlton (Cycling commentator and Casquette Live host) and former pro-turned-designer-and-all-round bad-ass Iris Slappendel.

Masterclass: How To Ride Track like an Olympic Champ
12:45 - 13:20


Fast, furious and fantastic to watch, track cycling is everyone’s favourite Olympic sport and it’s easy to see why. But, how exactly do you traverse those steep velodrome banks, how do you really train for track, and how can you become an Olympic champ like Katie Archibald? Who better to ask than Katie Archibald herself, who will be providing a practical masterclass on the Casquette Live masterclass stage. Plus, you’ll get extra Archibald insight and conversational goodness with the Katie Archibald Q&A with Rebecca Charlton on the main stage. BOOM!

Our expert in residence: Katie Archibald, World and European track champion

Q&A: Isabel Best – Queens of Pain: Legends and Rebels of Cycling
13:30 - 14:15


With powerful, punchy chapters on oft-forgotten cycling greats such as Eileen Sheridan, Jeannie Longo and Marguerite Wilson, ‘Queens of Pain: Legends and Rebels of Cycling’ is a belting piece of detective work rounding up of the inspirational stories of women cyclists across history who were out there riding against adversity and challenging the status quo. Here, amazing author, Isabel Best, recounts some of those epic tales and accolades using the same lively style as she demonstrates in her book.

Our expert in residence: Author, Isabel Best

Pro panel: The guts, gore and glory of long-distance cycling
14:30 - 15:15


Covering thousands and thousands of miles between them, Laura Scott (Trans Am, Transatlantic Way), Jasmijn Muller (24-hour world champ, Zwift record, LEJOG challenger); Shu Pillinger (the first British woman to complete RAAM) and Peta McSharry (Trans Con, Trans Am, Route 66, Silk Road Mountain Race) have some sensational tales of long-distance adventures that will make you recoil, laugh, look on in awe and inspire you to try your own long-distance adventure. Here, we get a taste of the guts, gore and glory of some of those stories.

Our experts in residence: Laura Scott, Jasmijn Muller, Shu Pillinger, Peta McSharry.

Q&A: Katie Archibald on the main stage
15:00 - 16:00


If you could ask Katie Archibald one question, what would it be? Don’t miss your chance to gain additional insight and conversational goodness at this Archibald Q&A with Rebecca Charlton.

Our expert in residence: Katie Archibald, World and European track champion

Tickets are £16 for a single ticket. If you want to come with your Club mates, book 4 and get 2 free. If you want to bring your partner along for the ride, it’s 2 for £22. Find out more here.

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Please note: This is the programme as we know it right now, but could be subject to changes based on punctures, pannier-loading laws and drafting politics

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