Sharon Laws: If I Could Tell You One Thing…


Sharon Laws – British national champion and Team GB rider – shares the most valuable piece of wisdom she has ever received...

Given that Sharon Laws has been British National Time Trial and Road Race Champion and Beijing Olympic team mate to gold medal winner Nicole Cooke, she must have spent a lifetime in the world of cycling, right? Wrong. The Gloucestershire pedaller only turned professional at the age of 33, proving it’s rarely too late to throw your all into your passion.

Hospitalised in 2013 after a horrific crash, she returned to racing before announcing her retirement in 2016, when she also revealed the shock news that she has treatable but incurable cervical cancer. We lost Sharon at the age of 43, but her legacy continues, with messages pouring in about her spirit, passion and humour.

Back in 2017, Casquette chatted to her to discover what the best piece of advice she ever received was.

 “When I raced with Nicole Cooke on the national team in 2009, she said it helped her cycling career to find a permanent base to live – in her case, in Switzerland,” Sharon says.

“After spending my first two years living out of a bag, I decided to rent a flat in Girona in 2011. I thought it was going to be temporary, so I bought the cheapest IKEA furniture, but ended up loving it and living there for the rest of my cycling career.

“It sounds simple, but you need a place you can call home. It gives you a solid foundation, which is critical in the roller-coaster life of a professional athlete. There was nothing I liked more after racing than returning to my tiny flat and sleeping in my own bed with my things around me.”

Sharon was a passionate supporter of women’s cycling and an amazing advocate, working for Vox Women to raise its profile

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