Sock Doping Explained


We take a look at the sock fetish gripping the cycling community and add some fuel to that sock-loving fire with a little help from This Is Cambridge

The obsession with cycling socks has reached such epic proportions that it’s spawned a whole new term: ‘sock doping’. Designers have been quick to recognise this kit catnip, with a succession of funky, stripy and neon choices all vying for our attention. So, why the cycle sock obsession?

Claire Richardson from the Sigma Sport Women’s Race Team says her Imelda Marcos-like sock mania is a style thing: “Put on a pair of crisp new socks and it can brighten up any cycling gear. It changes how a kit looks entirely. At the last count, I have more than 50 pairs…” 

Tinkoff-Saxo rider Chris Juul-Jensen goes so far as to cite socks as a performance booster. “They’re such an insignificant piece of clothing, yet so important to any cyclist’s morale. If I’m facing a rough morning, I know that putting on a pair will give me lactate-free legs.” 

Regardless of whether you’re adding to your stock stash for performance or pleasure, apparel brand This Is Cambridge (TIC) is worth a look.

“Our socks are designed for people who want to stand out, which is why they’re deliberately odd,” says founder Daphne Kaufhold (pictured). “This mismatched approach comes from our ‘Stand out, don’t fit in’ philosophy.” 

It’s not just its socks that TIC takes a unique approach to, either. “With our jerseys we also design in a gender-neutral way,” says Daphne. “There is no him or her, just a collective.”

Check out more This Is Cambridge kit here  | @ThisIsCambridge

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