9 cycling socks you need in your life


The 9 stand-out cycling socks, Hannah Troop, Casquette Spain editor is coveting...

1) DeFeet
Aireator Tall Sugarskull, £9.99

In celebration of Mexican festival, ‘Dia de los Muertos’, these DeFeet gems feature a super-cool skull motif on the front and back and boast a 9 out of 10 chance that you'll get a "strong sock game" compliment when sporting them.

2) Attaquer
Skull Logo, £14.95

Continuing on the skull theme, these Attaquer socks boast a whole bucketload of attitude, plus a stylish silver-infused yarn. Another big reason why we can't wait to be rid of the overshoes.

3) Tenspeed Hero
iNTELLiGENSTiA 2016 Star Socks, $15.00

If you haven’t already got on to the Tenspeed Hero train, then start running because it’s pulling out of the station. Renowned for their playful designs and colours, their socks don’t just cut the style mustard, they add lashings of wasabi on top. You should also check out their Instagram account if you want to see girls displaying full-on #JFDI attitude.

4) Victory Chimp
Hill Repeats, £10.00

A fun Irish brand with just the right amount of chic and cheek for your feet. And let’s face it, you need something fun to focus on when you're doing hill repeats.

5) The Athletic
La Cubiste: Kinetic Red, $15.00

We are in love with this design. Seriously cool. Enough said.

6) The Ridge Supply
Skyline Yellow Edition, $15.00

The Americans know how to take the lead in the sock game; and here the skies quite literally are your limit. Pretty damn slick.  

7) This is Cambridge
Omloop Classic Winter Edition, £19.00

Trying to keep the extremities toastie during the winter months is always a challenge. Trying to keep them toastie with style? Even more challenging. Merino wool definitely helps, with this design created to be worn loud and proud over winter tights. 

8) Pacific and Co.
Sea Soul, €14.95

Although these aren’t technically advertised as cycling socks; they are definitely standout conversation starters.

9) Rapha
Souplesse, £15.00

Every time we put these socks on it’s like slipping our feet into a silky sleeping bag… for your feet. As ever, Rapha produces classic colours, but every now and there’s a pop of colour we love.

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