9 fresh and funky cycling caps you need in your life


The cycling cap is both the ultimate accessory and a time-tested functional item, giving you every reason to own about ten of them. Tom Owen shares his pick of the best…

Cycling caps really come into their own in the summer, when a lightweight barrier between your brainbox and helmet can make all the difference in terms of comfort and keeping the sweat out of your eyes.

There are a whole raft of brands, styles and designs to choose from, so we’ve picked out nine bangin’ bonce coverers to help you out.


1. Victory Chimp – Banana Camo – £19

Victory Chimp do nice bike stuff – with bananas on it (amongst other things). Fortunately, they’ve taken that delicious recipe and cooked up something that looks super-cool. We’re particularly enamoured with their latest drop of banana camo-print caps. Peely good.

2. Bello – Fishy Fish – €15

Bello has almost too many great cap designs to choose from and there’s something fishy about this one (in a good way). Designed by north west-based design studio, Rune Creative, it’s well worth exploring the brand’s full collection.

3. Bello – WTF? – €18

Looking for something punchier than the pastel shades of the Bello option above? This lairy lovely, also from them, brings some much-needed WTF to the cycle cap conversation.

4. Canela Cap – £20 at Omnium.cc

Canela is a Brazillian bike blog we absolutely love. We recently brought you news of the launch of their colourful, stylish caps, and we’re delighted you can now buy ‘em over at our friends, Omnium.cc for a mere twenty buckaroos. The cap also goes great with the Canela jersey we mentioned in this piece. Holler!


5. Chapeau – Block Stripe Surf Blue Lightweight Cap – £16.99

As anyone with a C in GCSE French will tell you, ‘chapeau’ means hat in the language of love. It stands to reason then that a brand with the name Chapeau should be bloody good at making cycling caps… and would you believe it, they are. Just remember to slip on your shades before looking directly at this one.

6. Chapeau – Lightweight Cap – £16.99

If you’re not a fan of the flashy ‘surf green’ and pink option, there’s always this more restrained, but still playful, black and squiggly-patterned number.

Or you could choose another design from Chapeau’s extensive range?


7. Isadore – Climber’s Cap – €19

Isadore is a brand founded by two former pro-cyclist brothers, so you can rest assured they know what’s good. Lightweight with an anti-bacterial tape in the lining, this climber’s cap is purpose-built for summer riding. Sitting at the techier end of the spectrum, it makes no compromise on aesthetics either.

8. Attacus – Death’s Head – £25

There are two schools of thought on cycle cap design; keep it simple and refined, or ‘throw the kitchen sink at it’. If you belong to the former you’ll appreciate this classy option from British indie brand, Attacus. Moody scowl sold separately.

9. TIC CC – Hors Categorie Cap – £26

Bright is alright, say UK-based indie kit brand, This Is Cambridge. Their Hors Categorie design features black and white polkas under the brim, plus lairy pink stripes across the front. Team it with their matching fluro jersey and you have an ensemble that screams ‘please don’t hit and kill me with your automobile, sir’ in the most stylish way possible.

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