First look at PEdAL ED’s first women’s collection


PEdAL ED's new women’s range boasts some serious ultra-endurance testing to back it up. Here, we find out about the brains and motivation behind it all...

PEdAL ED is an Italian-owned, Japanese-inspired apparel brand that have been making really, really nice stuff for blokes for a good few years now. 

Finally, they’re making a move into the world of women’s cycling and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome them in.

To celebrate, we spoke with Jacopo Porreca, the man behind the new range about where it came from, why it’s great and how they’ll develop their women’s range in the future.


So, Jacopo, why did PEdAL ED decide that now was the right time to launch a women’s range?
Jacopo: We’ve been testing and working and thinking about the women’s collection for a couple of years. This was the moment when we had the right garments that we’d tested for enough time. 

Can you tell us a bit about the testing you did?
Jacopo: We knew that with the Transcontinental race (3,500km of unsupported riding), there is a growing field of women who are cycling really long distances. We thought that the extreme conditions of something like that would make a perfect test.

To make it happen, we worked with long-distance riders in secret. Real women, testing real products over thousands of kilometres - you can’t get much better.

What was the aesthetic inspiration behind this particular collection?
Jacopo: Usually we use white for the branding on the men’s kit, but we wanted something unique for the women’s, so we decided to use gold. We definitely didn’t want to use the usual cliché of pink jerseys.

What might we expect from PEdAL ED in the next few years?
Jacopo: We will release a women’s winter collection in late September – one long-sleeved jersey, one winter-tight bib short and one jacket. 

Another very important part of PEdAL ED is the urban collection, so for spring/summer 2019 we are developing urban clothes for female cyclists. 


We strongly believe that women’s cycling is growing and we want to support it. 

Our first women’s collection sold out in one month – so that’s a pretty clear sign that there’s an appetite for it and women like what we are doing.

Thanks Jacopo!

We’ll be getting our grubby track mitts on some of the new women’s kit in the next few weeks and will have a review for y’all very soon.

Check it out for yourself here

Read about some of those Transcontinental testers here

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