9 super-special cycling gifts we’re all hoping for this year


Looking for a bigger-ticket biking gem to put on your list for Santa this year? Want to treat yourself? Then check out out round up of the super-special cycling gifts we’re all lusting after this year…

You deserve a treat, lady. You’ve been working your arse off all year, killing it at work and still managing to get out and ride that bicycle of yours. To help you say ‘thank you’ to yourself, we’ve selected some extra-fine items that would make any Christmas / birth / every day extra special.


Birzman Packman Travel Frame Pack

If you’re interested in a bit of lightweight, speedy cycle touring but don’t have the faintest idea where to start with the kit you need, we highly recommend this frame pack as your jumping off point.

The Packman from Birzman, who make all sorts of adventure cycling equipment, is designed to give you easy access to the items you need most frequently during a long ride – spare tubes, excessive snackage and maybe even a battery pack and charging cable for your phone and GPS. 

The nice thing about frame packs is they can be just as useful in your day-to-day rides, making this a superb first step to a state of Total Bikepacking (aka sleeping in ditches and eating only food purchased in petrol stations)


Ribble CX5 Carbon Cyclocross Bike

Mud! Sand! Slippery slopes! There’s nothing quite like cyclocross for ensuring you get to be at one with all the elements, plus a few extras to boot. And there’s nothing like knowing that you have exactly the right equipment for taking on whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you (see the video above for more). That’s why we’re just a tiny bit enthralled by this carbon fibre machine from Ribble, which boasts a customisable component spec and a choice of bits and bobs from the likes of Campagnolo, Mavic and SRAM. Tasty.

Rapha Fluro Climbers Shoes.jpg

Rapha Fluro Climbers Shoes

In cycling they say that you can’t buy fitness. They say that there’s no excuse for solid training. But let’s face it, ride out in some super-smart shoes like these and you’ll surely soar up the mountains like an eagle.

These vibrant climber’s kicks from Rapha feature vented construction for excellent breathability and super light weight. And for anyone worrying that the fluro yellow doesn’t match the rest of their cycling threads, you’ll be pleased to know that they are also available in less hallucinatory colourways.


Morvelo 'Strands' Packable Jacket

Tipping the scales at a scant 79 grams, this jacket is the perfect insurance policy against changeable weather. Whether you stow it in your saddle pack or stuff it in a jersey back pocket, it packs down small enough so that you won’t have to worry about extra bulk or weight. Oh, and that candy-pop pattern looks the business. Well done Morvelo, we are in.


Scicon Aerotech Evolution X Bike Box

Bike boxes are an enormous one-off expense, but the alternatives come with their own costs, which can really add up over time. There’s the rental cost for a bike at your destination of choice, not to mention the risk of having your own bike destroyed should you pack it in something not fit for purpose (like a cardboard box).

We spied this absolute bargain on ProBikeKit for a top-of-the-line SciCon hard case and think that now is the time to pull the trigger once and for all. Plus, bonus function, when you’re not using it to travel abroad, it’s easily large enough to house a small family of raccoons, or your off-season kit.


Isadore Women's Long Sleeve Jersey

Oooooooh, take a gander at this sexy long-sleeved jersey from the hip cats at Slovak brand, Isadore. Stylishly designed, carefully considered at every stage and made mostly of Merino – this is the one for you if you’re going to be riding deep into the darkest days of the year. 


Zipp 404 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheels

Want speed? Buy these bloody bargainous wheels. WAHOOOOOSH. 


Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Bundle

The biggest challenger to Garmin’s crown, Wahoo have created a gorgeously intuitive user experience for getting from A to B, with some neat on-the-fly functionality. The Wahoo app allows you to make routes on your phone then ping them direct to your Elemnt via Bluetooth, meaning you can quickly change course and reroute to the nearest pub or – heaven forbid – train station, should the need arise. All in all, a product so good that we’ll almost forgive them for that ghastly missing ‘E’ in element.


Ortlieb Commuter Daypack

Ortlieb have a reputation for being very, very good at making commuting kit and this is no exception. If you want a backpack that’s guaranteed to keep your laptop, spare clothes and packed lunch dry – even in the worst of British winter – then this is the puppy for you. Its roll-top closure keeps water out, while the PU-laminated nylon material will send the raindrops rolling right off, and extra padding on the back is strategically placed to ensure it rests comfortably against your spine. Crucially, its simple design means you’ll happily take it on the road, into your next meeting and then out to the pub.

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Danielle Welton