First Look: Canela cap


Nara Martins Ishikawa introduces us to a hot cap spot that’s all the way from Brazil… is a cycling blog created by Adriana Vojvodic to support and incentivise the growing women's cycling scene in São Paulo and throughout Brazil. On it, she shares news about what goes on in women's cycling locally and around the world, plus they organise lots of cycling events and roll outs.

When Adriana wanted to create a cycling cap for Canela, she recruited the help of cycling buddy and designer Laila Rodrigues to work on a pattern. With a brush and ink Laila drew countless dots, stripes and squiggles. They picked out their favourite pattern and colour combo, then made it into a digital image that was used for the cap’s vibrant colours and playful pattern. The result is beautiful, colourful, arty and unique.

To buy a cap, send an email to


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