KPP: First Look at new (gin-inspired) cycling brand

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Kitty Pemberton-Platt is spreading her wings with her own cycling-inspired lifestyle brand. Tom Owen speaks to her about spinning, winning and ginning...

KPP launched late June with a simple capsule collection, a stylish musette (dubbed ‘the Boozette’ because it celebrates the joy of a post-ride G&T) and a nifty badge.

Both items in the ‘Spin, Gin, Fin’ set boast an illustration in Pemberton-Platt’s inimitable, playful style – a wheel being consumed by a freshly sliced lime.

And that’s pretty much the brand in a nutshell – the joy of cycling and all the ephemera around it.

And gin.

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Casquette can really get behind the sentiment, because as KPP says, “being a cyclist isn’t limited to the bike. The sport and community is so powerful. It creates daily experiences and habits unique to those that ride.”

We chat to KPP (over a tin of gin) about what's next for her female-only brand.

We love the idea behind KPP. What's next?
The Boozette marks the beginning. It is a small but special product that completely epitomises the brand values and celebrates the launch.

I have endless notebooks brimming with new product for the future, but they have to go through some pretty rigorous filters before they get released from those pages: pre-ride routine, post-ride contentment, or everyday living as a cyclist. 


Later this year, the first full collection will launch, featuring the KPP Sweater and KPP Slouch. These are two items that are essential for any female cyclist, so I'm busy making sure they are the best they can be. 

Why does the world need the KPP brand?
Brands that support and honour unique habits and lifestyles do have the power to make someone’s life better and more enjoyable. 

The industry is currently bloated with brands that treat women as an afterthought. So, instead of just choosing to be female first, KPP is a lifestyle brand for females only.

The women in this cycling tribe are proud to be a part of it – they want to wear their hobby on their sleeve and continue to use the bike to better their everyday. There’s miles of these stories and women who have changed their own lives and helped change those around them. 

Changing the way content is shot. Changing the product that is offered. Changing the way we speak about our cycling world. That’s truly why KPP exists – to support as many females as possible to keep pedalling and keep positive. 

What’s the big picture? World domination? You drinking G&Ts from a golden KPP-branded chalice? A change of perception in cycling? An increase in participation? 
Drinking G&T from a golden KPP chalice wasn't the big picture but it is now…

I've got a vision of where I see KPP in ten years; a dream board that includes the products created, the KPP office, the women who are riding, racing and wearing KPP and the physical spaces that KPP inhibits. But, at the moment, the focus is on the first few years and successfully building a brand that stands for something. 

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I want KPP to be a household name in female cycling and a brand that other industries look to for how you should speak to women. And indeed, how you should speak to anyone with a strong hobby or preference – a game changer for the cycling industry, as well as a brand that has made as many female cyclists as possible feel great about themselves and the lifestyle they have chosen.

I believe the latter (as well as putting these inspiring women in the limelight) will get more women on bikes – there’s no better encouragement to choose and change something in your life than seeing how positive it has been for others. 

If a big brand came along trying to buy into some of the KPP coolness, who would you love that brand to be?
The brands KPP collaborates with have to share similar values, offer something different for female cyclists and be best in class at what they do. I'm lucky to have collaborated with Camden Watch Co and Condor (launching this summer) – two British brands I respect and admire.

There are a few up-and-coming brands that I’d love to create with, but if I was looking ahead to the future and had to say one stand-out product, I'd love to design off-bike leisure footwear (or podium shoes) with adidas. I started my career there, so I know how world class they are in everything they do. 

I’d also be keen for Bombay Sapphire or Hendricks to come knocking on the KPP door.

Cheers Kitty!

We’re looking forward to seeing what KPP does next – but in the meantime, if you fancy grabbing one of her super-exclusive Boozettes, head here to purchase

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