How to make and wrap soigneur-style rice bars


Want to snack and wrap like a pro on the bike? BMC Racing Team's Gunther Landrie shows us how to make rice bars the Chief Soigneur way...

To celebrate the first birthday of Assos's Regent Street store in London, we were invited to a soigneur Masterclass with BMC Racing's Gunther Landrie. 

For those unfamiliar with the role, soigneurs – or 'swannies' as they're affectionately known – have an all-consuming role to support riders and teams, but the exact definition of what that involves seems to flex.

Traditionally, being a soigneur was all about rider massages, but as the demands on riders have grown, so too has the soigneur job, expanding out to anything and everything from massage to making meals, filling bidons, repairing broken kit and standing in the feed zone with pre-prepared snacks, such as these cunning rice bars.

In our Assos masterclass, Gunther shared his rice bar recipes and taught us how to wrap them like a pro. If you're good at origami, you'll nail it...

Rice bar recipe #1


  • 5 cups sushi rice

  • 1 can coconut milk [to be diluted with the water used to cook the rice]

  • 1 cup sesame paste [Tahini]

  • 1 cup jam or [blended berries + 3 cups sugar]

  • 1 tsp salt [add to rice while cooking]


  1. Cook rice, adding the salt to the water

  2. Spread half the rice into a pan and press gently to make the 1st layer

  3. Spread sesame paste over the rice as the 2nd layer

  4. Spread the jam [or blended berries] for the 3rd layer

  5. Now put the rest of the rice on top as the 4th layer

  6. Press gently to make it stick together. Let it sit and cool, then cut into squares and wrap into foil.

Rice bar recipe #2


  • 5 cups sushi rice

  • Fresh mint [add to the rice while

  • cooking or sprinkle over the rice in the pan]

  • 1 cup berries

  • Half a pineapple

  • 1 cup syrup or honey

  • 3 tsp salt [add to rice while cooking]


  1. Cook rice, adding the salt and mint

  2. Dice the pineapple and mix the fruit, honey/syrup and cooked rice

  3. Transfer your rice-fruit mix into a pan, spread evenly and press gently. Let it sit and cool before cutting into squares.

How–to: Wrap a Rice Bar

Assos_rice wrap.jpg

1. Start with your rice bar centred on a square of foil.

2. Pull the top edge across tightly to cover the rice bar.

Assos_rice wrap.jpg

3. Fold up the bottom edge pulling tightly.

4. Fold back excess to create a pleat.

5. Press each side in tightly as if you’re wrapping a present.

6. Fold down the first flap.

Assos_rice wrap.jpg

7. Fold down the second flap.

8. Fold down the third flap on the opposite side.

Assos_rice wrap.jpg

9. Fold down the last flap.

10. Fold the two triangular flaps underneath and label your bar with your rider's name.

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