Long-term Love review: Giant Propel Advanced 0


The relationship you have with your bicycle is a beautiful thing. Grace Lambert-Smith tells us why her Giant Propel Advanced 0 rocks...

Grace Lambert Smith, British Cycling, Manchester
Giant Propel Advanced O
Nickname: Pretty - because she is
From: Giant London, 

1) Aero-awesomeness
I love how aerodynamic she looks and feels. The frame wraps around the back wheel, which is a massive advantage in the wind, and the brake calipers also sit behind the fork at the front for extra aerodynamism. Both of these things seem small, but they’re important for those marginal speed gains. 

2) Hill hero
The Ultegra Di2 groupset has been an absolute pleasure to ride with. When I need to drop my gears as I begin the ascent of a punchy hill, I can transition in no time and it’s noticably faster, smoother and cleaner than any other bike I’ve ridden on. I love it!

3) Lightweight
She packs up into a box weighing just 12kg, making her perfect for transporting her to Australia and back when I’m visiting family.

4) Intrepid
The biggest thing this bike has given me is a new lease of cycling life and renewed confidence, expanding my cycling to loads of foreign countries and unfamiliar roads. She’s up to every challenge I throw at her and our next adventure is to the Alps. 

5) Wheelie good
Following a crash, I recently replaced the original wheelset with some lighter, shallower handbuilds which suit my riding style better. I used Hope hubs for longevity and the wonderful sound of a loud freehub!

Grace Lambert-Smith | @thisisgrace
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