Creative space: KPP Draws


If you’re yet to discover Kitty Pemberton Platt’s brilliant illustrated Field Notes, here’s a taster of the cycling insight and humour you can enjoy there…

“Riding has given me moments I truly cherish and I obsessively document these experiences for fear of forgetting them. That initially manifested itself as light-hearted and (often) potty mouthed sketchbooks that combine observations on the bike with the strange idiosyncrasies cyclists share.

“After posting a few of my designs on Instagram, I realised that people were really connecting with them, so I turned them into gift cards and pictures

“Cycling and illustration share a lot of qualities. They’re both meditative, forcing you to focus on one thing. You can always improve, yet you crave those days when everything falls into place. And when you sit on the saddle or at your desk – looking at the road ahead or the blank canvas – anything is possible.”

tan doan