Road-Test: Endura Pro SL Lite jersey

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Claire Beaumont enjoys a date with Endura's minty fresh jersey. But does the experience have her going back for more?

With the choice of women’s cycling jerseys becoming ever bigger, brighter and more whacky every season, I was far from blown away when I first clapped eyes on the Endura’s Pro SL Lite’s minty hues on the Endura website. Like most internet dates, however, it looks completely different in the flesh (in a good way) and there’s definitely more to it than meets the eye. Here’s why…

Developed with champions
Endura has been quietly sponsoring Cervelo-Bigla, a women’s WorldTour squad that has several National Champions in its flock. This means that the testing, feedback and fabric cuts have been developed with close collaboration with their pros. Or, so they say…

If you see the tagline, ‘developed with pros’, the sceptical side of you wants to know what that really means. Surely, what the masses end up wearing is different to what they are racing in, right? And what an Olympian wants, needs and rides in is surely different to what is commercially possible to produce?

Like most internet dates, it looks completely different in the flesh (in a good way)

Endura’s team were in town earlier this summer after competing at the 2017 Women’s Tour and invited me to attend a ride around Richmond Park with six of the riders, so I used it as an opportunity to ask the professionals myself.

According to Danish rider Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig, many of the design details were added on the recommendation of her and the rest of the team - cutting the arm length longer to create a more flattering piece; making the band around the hem wider because it digs in after a few hours bent over the bike, and positioning the pockets lower so you don’t need to be a contortionist to get your phone out.

Because of this close collaboration, this jersey is frankly top of the tree in the performance stakes: ideal for beasting it up Sa Colobra in the Mallorcan sun, with super-light fabric that feels high quality on the skin and boasts various technical mesh panels in strategic places to help with ventilation.

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Changing perceptions
For me, Endura has traditionally been a well-priced commuter staple. For top end garb, Assos, Rapha et al all spring to mind for the quality of their fabrics, cut and attention to detail.

So, has the Endura jersey changed my perceptions? Absolutely. After sweating through the London heatwave, numerous long-distance jaunts in Wales and some speedy training rides out in Kent, I can attest to the Pro SL Lite’s ability to go toe-to-toe with the big brands in terms of performance, detailing and fit… but with the Endura you’ll get a bit of change in your back pocket.

Scores on the doors
Endura Pro SL Jersey, £74.99

  •  Fit = 4/5
  •  Performance = 5/5
  •  Style = 4/5

Claire Beaumont is a cyclocross racer and digital manager at Condor Cycles. Follow her on Instagram 

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