Editor's Choice: One Lady Gore-Tex Shakedry


With its awesome ability to repel the elements and fish tanks, this is the best waterproof jacket on the market...

When I first discovered the Gore-Tex Shakedry, it was submerged in a fish tank as part of a display at a swanky London trade show. The fish tank was looking sorry for itself – leaking and only half full. But the jacket was unfazed: hanging proud, looking fly, with water beading beautifully on its surface. That pretty much sums this garment up. When all around is failing, this jacket keeps delivering. Again and again.


It’s so light that when you lift it out of the packaging it feels like tissue paper. For those who get off on the stats, it weighs a mere 133g (the same as a pack of Kallo Smoked Paprika Rice & Corn Cakes from Sainsbury’s to be precise). 

When taken out of the fish tank and on to the road, it's incredibly breathable, so there’s no boil in a bag when your temperature starts to rise. But the thing that really makes the Shakedry stand out from the crowd is its waterproof brilliance.


For the ULTIMATE road test, I took this jacket on an uber endurance mission from Land's End to John O'Groats – 969 miles from Cornwall to the most north-easterly tip of Scotland in just nine days.

As if that doesn't sound tough enough, the weather was relentlessly torrential for the first two days, and just periodically torrential for the rest of the trip. This jacket absolutely saved my bacon, keeping me perfectly dry, with the rain simply beading on the surface.

When you're doing 100+ miles a day in those sort of conditions, even the smallest leakage would have been incredibly uncomfortable, which is why I wore this jacket every day of riding.

Bonus points go for the fact that it didn't reek, despite me taking on some of the hardest climbs I have ever encountered day after day.

Then there's the fun bit: when you do stop for a rain-dodging coffee or Tunnocks tea cake number 8,506, you can simply do the sheepdog shake and watch the jacket shed its droplets.

Yes, it’s jolly expensive at £220, but when you calculate the cost and compliments per wear over a good five years of riding, plus the fact that it really is THAT good, I think it’s worth it.

Just don’t put it in a fish tank because we know who’ll win!

Find out more at: Gore online

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