Pit Stop: Barcelona


Hannah Troop moved to Barcelona just eight weeks ago, but she's already discovered the essentials - delicious coffee, radical riding and a friendly Catalan cycling community. Here are her hot picks for a slice of each...

Get your fix…

Carrer de Constança corner of Déu i Mata, 08029

If coffee really is your thing, then a trip to Hidden is a must. These master baristas have a real fetish for the bean, and I’ve never been to a café where you can enjoy your coffee in quite so many different ways. My current favourite? Aeropress.

Different gear…

Carrer de la Ciutat de Balaguer, 45, 08022

Catalans receive a bad rep for not being very welcoming, but Ferran and Gisela, who run the On y Va cafe have introduced me to a readymade cycling community: they organise three rides per week, with Tuesday afternoons just for the girls.

Cycling around Barcelona is pretty spectacular, but you have to climb for it. Most rides feature slightly more gentle gradients, sweeping bends and tarmac to worship. But head to Les Planes and the hefty 20 per cent gradients will have you pawing bull-like at your pedals. 

Back at On y Va and the coffee is the perfect reward for all that climbing!

Get it fixed…

Carrer del Consell de Cent, 321, 08007

If you need some last-minute supplies or tinkering, try the Orbea shop in the city centre. Walk in and you’ll enjoy a brilliant tardis-like effect, with the shop seemingly going on for miles. Fully equipped with bike servicing and coffee bar; they also organise weekly rides. 


Carrer de Bonavista, 10, 08012 Barcelona

Bodega Bonavista is a recent discovery and is a serene little space just off the main thoroughfare of Diagonal. It’s a tiny room encrusted from floor to ceiling with bottles where you can relax, glass of red in hand, while chatting to the locals. Even better, their selection of cheese and cured meats will stave off the post-ride hunger until a socially acceptable Spanish eating hour (around 8:30pm), allowing plenty of time for the obligatory post-ride siesta.   


Carrer de Bonavista, 8, 08012 Barcelona

Bar But is handily located right next door to Bodega Bonavista and provides a fresh twist on Spanish tapas. Some of my favourites are the pulpo and burrata (next level mozzarella) dishes. It’s a compact space, but a lively atmosphere that's sure to breathe life back into those weary limbs. And if it does, Gracia is a great district for more brilliant bars.

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