Pit stop: Manchester


Aussie Grace Lambert-Smith shows us round her favourite haunts in her adopted home of Manchester

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Get your fix...

39 Jinny Lane, Burnley BB12 9JR

The Clarion Houses were originally founded as part of a utopian socialist vision of the future and they were spread all over northern England, London and Scotland. Sadly, the one near Nelson, Lancashire, is the last one left. Founded in 1912, the House offers a welcome place to refuel, as well as rediscover some of the socialist roots that run deep beneath so much of Manchester’s history. The friendly locals are keen to share the history of the House and for a small cost you can enjoy coffee and homemade cakes while you sift through the paraphernalia around the building.


Get it fixed…

23 Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 1EL

I’m doing the Transcontinental this year and I've been lucky enough to have Rich and Shona offering their valuable advice in my quest for a machine to carry me to the finish line in Greece. If you're lucky, their pooch, Olive, will demand cuddles as you stand around chatting all things bike packing.


Image:  RuthAS

Image: RuthAS

Different gear…

Mereheath Drive, Knutsford, WA16 6QN

Manchester's answer to Richmond Park, you'll find a couple of quiet roads through the park, plenty of deer and a coffee shop to boot. Many of our club's routes find their way through here, so it's the perfect place to knock off the pace, enjoy the views and take a break.



The Old Conservative Club, 22 Norfolk Street, Glossop, SK13 8HJ

While this isn't in the centre of Manchester, I've been known to end a bike ride in Glossop for a few hop-based recovery drinks. Harvey Leonard’s is a thriving indie beer and wine shop with a selection from around the world. There’s a risk you may have rehydrated a touch too much as you leave, but the train station is right outside their doors and goes direct to Manchester. Don't forget to grab a takeout to stuff in your jersey pocket for the ride home.



6 Tariff Street, Manchester, M1 2FF

Inspired by Iceland, created in Manchester. Takk is a weekend favourite of mine nestled in the Northern Quarter, where I can go for a bit of time out, brunch with friends or just a great coffee. Make sure you try their many flavours of flapjack. Oh, and I'll have mine with a long black!

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